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We are a Roofing Service based in Kettering with over 35years experience in the flat roofing industry.

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The Ideal Flat Roofing Solution has arrived!


For years flat roofing has been replaced with unattractive and far from permanent solutions such as felt                 

If you have a flat roof comprising of bitumen and felt it will eventually leak…it is just a question of when!

Finally the flat roof has evolved thanks to a lifetime covering from RubberBond .




 RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ EPDM Rubber

 Roofing System

The RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ EPDM Rubber Roofing System is one of the toughest materials known for resistance to weather wind and sun. It is a rubber roofing system that is designed and proven to outlast conventional flat roofing materials.

Superior Strength

Through patented technology, a non-woven polyester fleece is laminated to the underside of the standard RubberBond™ EPDM making FleeceBack™ a more substantial and stronger EPDM product. This makes it an extremely durable rubber roofing material that is:

  • Over twice the thickness of standard EPDM
  • 180% plus greater tear resistance*
  • 60% plus greater impact resistance*
  • There is no shrinkage or stress to cause leaks at flashings, upstands or other penetrations.
  • *Greater than standard 1.14mm-thick EPDM
  • Over 40 Years Proven Life Expectancy

    The first synthetic rubber EPDM roofs were laid in the States by Carlisle™ Syntec in the 1960’S and are still protecting these roofs today.

    Well known buildings rely on their EPDM rubber roofing such as Honda factories, Microsoft, Staples, Barclaycard, The Play House Theatre, schools, shopping centres, railway stations, hospitals and hundreds of thousands more commercial and residential properties.

    Weather Resistant Rubber Roofing

    RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ is not affected by extremes of temperature. Installations are in varied climates - from the glaring sun of the Middle East to the freezing cold of Siberia and Alaska.

    RubberBond™ rubber roofing is not degraded by ultra violet or ozone as again witnessed by the many installations in hotter climates such as the Middle East

    Good Looking

    The colour of a dark grey slate looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt. The smooth synthetic rubber finish does not require ballast or chippings that have an annoying habit of blocking gutters and downpipes. RubberBond™ does not support moss growth. It not only looks good on day one but also stays looking good even after 30+ years... The additional thickness of FleeceBack™ helps to hide the negative of the existing deck or finish.

    Flexible Rubber Roofing

    RubberBond™ easily bends with no stress, to follow the contours of the roof, up stands to walls, check curb edges, sky lights, pipes, terminations into gutters and the like.

    RubberBond has over 300% flexibility so will easily accommodate building movement.


    RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ rubber roofing repels all moisture and does not suffer with age from cracking or crazing.

    RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ “breathes” allowing vapours to escape, thus preventing blisters.

    Ecologically Friendly

    Extremely ECO friendly materials all applied with little energy – Both Government and the International Kyoto Ecology agreement recommend EPDM rubber as Best Value sustainable eco-sound roofing.

    Tried and Tested

    The RubberBond™ rubber roofing system holds British Board of Agrément certification No 02/3967 BBA – is designated by government to issue European technical approvals                                                                  Sureseal Roofing  Rubberbond Approved Contractor      More Info

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